distance shot of sandy white beaches with clear turquoise waters segmented off for swimming and water sports, with people in the distance
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Things to see and do in Negril Jamaica

Discover Negril

If you’re looking for that all-encompassing Jamaican vacation: powdery white sand, ridiculously gorgeous water, and brimming local charisma, the west coast enclave of Negril is your perfect starting point. From ocean diving for thrill seekers to miles of perfect beach lounging for sun worshippers and fascinating preserved landmarks for culture and history buffs, Negril offers your quintessential Jamaican experience.

Island Attractions

palm tree leaning over a strip of white sand beach with crystal blue water on a sunny clear day

7 Mile Beach

28 minutes | 2.3 miles

Think Negril, think Seven Mile Beach. This is the most famous stretch of shore in Jamaica, and Legends sits on a prime and private stretch of it. Claim your comfy lounge chair, order a potent tropical cocktail (or two) and gaze at the scenery before taking a dip or a long stroll on the perfect beach.

pontoon boat coasting down a river surrounded by lush jungle on each side

Black River Safari

1. 25 hours | 79 miles

The wonders of wildlife and the fascinating echoes of history are yours to discover when you explore Jamaica’s Black River and the fascinating communities along its banks.

woman straddled on a regal horse walking along the beach while the sun sets behind

Horseback Riding

5 hours | 279 miles

Explore the beauty of Jamaica on horseback in a private or lively group tour and truly experience nature as you “ride n’ swim” with your faithful steed, or simply trot on solid ground taking in the stunning scenery after making new friends.

regal white lighthouse on cliff overlooking calm ocean waters

Negril Lighthouse

19 minutes | 10.7 miles

Now a treasured landmark, this lighthouse used to warn sailors who'd ventured too close to the perilous reefs at night or during storms. Today, it’s a favorite spot for epic selfies, history aficionados, and lovers of legendary seafaring tales.

young woman in sundress casually taking a walk along a cobblestone path in a tropical garden

Bloody Bay

5 minutes | 3.3 miles

Echoing with pirate lore and swashbuckling heritage, learn all about Bloody Bay’s haunting and military naval past, and see for yourself why its colourful coral reefs make it a true diver’s nirvana.